At Montessori Singapore, We Love Watching Children Grow

When you think of a classroom for your child, you’re sure to picture a room with children diligently doing math problems, writing essays, or studying. However, there is so much more that a classroom should be. We want our children to do more than just learn facts they can recite. It’s so important to ensure that they grow up to be successful adults. With the Montessori Singapore method, focus is not only put on learning, but on growing as well.


Every person is unique, and that includes your child. With Montessori, we place focus on learning each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. More so, each child with have learning barriers that affect them in different ways. By getting to know them as individuals, we can work through most of these barriers, better allowing them to learn.

Montessori knows children don’t fit into a perfect mold, and that it’s not fair to ask them to do so. That’s why enrolled children are given the opportunity to have a say in how they learn and what they put more focus on. This not only allows the child to discover first-hand who they are, but it also teaches them how to be independent on their own skills and talents.


There is no better way to explore the world than to experience it firsthand. Montessori will help your child to explore their own worlds safely and confidently. In time, this will allow them to learn on their own terms. Not only that, but it will also teach them to respect the world around them, allowing them to become better and moral adults later in life.

Firsthand experience can include several methods. From projects that require experimentation to even just taking a walk outside, it’s important to remember that children are naturally curious. When a child sees something new, they naturally want to learn more about it. This can be helpful when learning. In fact, children understand even complex ideas much more clearly when they see it firsthand.

Your child deserves so much more than just a standard education. With Montessori Singapore, they’ll have the chance to learn so much more about themselves and the world around them. Then, as children reach adulthood, they will be so much more successful with this amazing learning curriculum behind them.

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